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Pier G., Italian gynecologist, 1862-1929. See: Spinelli operation.
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She is survived by one son, Michael Reinhardt and one daughter-in-law, Laurie Reinhardt of Marina Del Rey, CA; one son-in-law, Gennaro "Jim" Spinelli of Amboy, IL; seven grandchildren, Traci (Spinelli) Colby, Valerie Spinelli, James Spinelli, Toni (Spinelli) Ikens, Kathy (Spinelli) Fordham, Donna (Spinelli) Cook, John Spinelli; twelve great-grandchildren, Keri Spinelli, Taylor Ikens, Savannah Ikens, Parker Colby, Linda Spinelli, Georgie Spinelli, Krystal Fordham, Brennen Cook, Brenleigh Cook, Aden Spinelli, Gavin Spinelli, Roman Spinelli; and two great-great-grandchildren, Brantley Riley, Miles Riley.
Since Nathan died, Spinelli has been concerned about how Maxie is taking the tragic loss.
It appears that Sartre, Husserl, Heidegger and Spinelli are all trying to specify an ontological 'bottom-line' that defines being as thing, self or interrelatedness.
For the attention of: Marialuisa Spinelli Responsabile del Procedimento
After I met my friend Ellen, she told me about her life growing up in the prison," the author says in a call to the Pennsylvania home he shares with his wife, author Eileen Spinelli.
Daniel Tropp, Josh Berkowitz, Jonathan Berman, and Mark Spinelli are representing the seller, a private investor.
Joseph Spinelli, a senior managing director, says this finding is striking, especially given the so-called Yates Memorandum that was issued this past September by the Department of Justice and signed by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.
Synopsis: Chris Spinelli is a practicing Osteopathic Physician since 1999.
Currently, the cosmopolitan Stilobezzia (Acanthohelea) is represented in the Neotropical Region by 37 species (Cazorla & Spinelli, 2015) and it is the only subgenus occurring in Patagonia.
Biting midges of the genus Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) are the most diverse group of the family Ceratopogonidae, which includes 1,366 extant worldwide species, 266 of which occur in the Neotropics (Borkent & Spinelli 2007; Borkent 2014a).
Spinelli begins by setting out the theory of existential therapy, covering three key principles--existence themes and concerns, worlding the worldview, existential phenomenological critiques of therapy, and an overview.
Lincoln Financial Network (LFN), the retail wealth management affiliate of Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC), has said that Nicole Spinelli has been appointed as director of The WISE Group (Women Inspiring, Supporting, and Educating), a new enterprise-wide initiative aimed at supporting the unique needs of female financial advisors and clients.