Walter, neurologist in Munich, 1879-1935. See: Spielmeyer acute swelling, Spielmeyer-Stock disease, Spielmeyer-Vogt disease.
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QTLs for water-use-efficiency and deep root ratio in wheat were investigated by (Spielmeyer et al., 2007; Hamada et al., 2012).
Spielmeyer A, Ahlborn J, Hamscher G (2014) Simultaneous determination of 14 sulfonamides and tetracyclines in biogas plants by liquid-liquidextraction and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.
Degeneration of large nerve cells in the striatum (Spielmeyer, 1926 (28)), or nerve cells in the globus pallidus (Jakob, 1923 (3); Denny-Brown, 1962 (4)) were claimed in addition to the efferent striatal neurons.
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Finally, although Walther Spielmeyer first used the term "Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease" in 1922, his decision to emphasize Creutzfeldt was likely because Creutzfeldt was then working in Spielmeyer's laboratory; other early terms for the disease gave credit preferentially or solely to Jakob.
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La expresion enfermedad de Creutzfeldt-Jakob fue adoptada por Walther Spielmeyer en 1922 basado en los reportes de casos de Creutzfeldt, en 1920, y Jakob, en 1921.
The specimens (5-7 mm) were sliced by the morphological-histological detection method and stained by the HE and Spielmeyer (myelin staining) protocols respectively.
Besides, presence of other rust resistant gene(s) could also be the possible reason of plants resistance against disease as is the case of new leaf rust resistant gene (Lr67) which is almost similar in many characteristics to Lr34 (Spielmeyer et al., 2013).
In our analysis, locus Xgwm389 mapped to the same location as Xgwm533.l, even though they were separated by more than 3 cM in two other studies (Buerstmayr et al., 2003; Spielmeyer et al., 2003).