Adrian van der. See: Spigelius.
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Zacharias Heyns was the son of Peter Heyns, who wrote the rhyming text for Ortelius' Spieghel Der Werelt, first published in 1577.
So, I suggest going for a simple but oh-so-stylish combination of pared back neutrals such as this Christmas table - a Scandi-style red and white runner and napkins by Himla and a rustic looking table by de Spieghel, both available in store and online at Living in Store, looks fantastic and is right on trend this year.
Damme is renowned for its gastronomy and boasts 25 restaurants, including the Taverne De Spieghel.
Spelen van sinne vol scoone moralisacien, uutleggingen en bediedenissen op alle loeflijcke consten waer inne men claerlijck ghelijck in eenen spieghel, Figuerlijck, Poetelijck ende Retorijckelijck mach aenschouwen hoe nootsakelijck ende dienstelijck die selve consten allen menschen zijn.
As it Was provides historical insight, for example, into the Chinese navigator Admiral Zheng He (1371 to 1433) and his sailing chart of the Hong Kong coast; the Piri Reis map discovered in Topkapi Palace in 1929 that was drawn on a deerskin in 1513; the metamorphosis from the early Mediterranean sailing directions ('caping the ship' it was called) of the 14th and 15th centuries to the adoption of Dutch chart-building, and the book introduces one of the most celebrated chartmakers of all time; Lucas Janszoon Waghnaer who, in 1583, printed his maritime atlas--the celebrated Spieghel der Zeevaerdt (Mirror of the Sea).
The seventh enclosure equates to the third kind of life, called the living life, in The Mirror of Eternal Blessedness (Een Spieghel der eeuwigher salicheit), vol.