Spider Silk

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A material produced by most spiders which has higher tensile strength than steel, and is equal to that of commercial polyaramid filaments—e.g., Twaron or Kevlar. It is extremely lightweight and ductile, can stretch up to 140% of its length without breaking and holds its strength to -40ºC
Composition Complex proteins rich in alternating glycine and alanine, or alanine alone, that self-assemble into a beta sheet conformation
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Because territorialism and cannibalism among spiders precludes spider farming as a viable means of manufacturing spider silk, researchers then genetically engineered other organisms--ranging from bacteria to goats--to produce those proteins, but spinning those proteins into useful fibers has proven expensive and slow.
Researchers have added titanium to spider silk to boost toughness, carbon nanotubes to silk to conduct electricity and nanocrystals to silk to make it glow.
The USTAR Bioproducts Scale-Up Facility at USU will enable scientists to produce synthetic spider silk and other synthetic bioproducts in quantities that will be useful for the production of real-world products.
The authors proposed a new 'lock and trigger' model for spider silk formation, in which gradual pairing up of the N-terminal domains locks spidroins into a network of many protein molecules, while the changes of structure in the C-terminal domains could trigger the rapid polymerization of spidroins into fibers.
The shipment represents a key step in the company's collaborative development initiative with Warwick, which will target the development of advanced spider silk based textiles.
Commenting on the exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum Peers said :'We were keen to show the spider silk textiles at the V & A, being the most appropriate place to premiere this work in Europe.
Spider silk has attracted human interest for a number of years due to its strength, toughness and potential to be a very strong biopolymer.
Hindu women observe a fast and pray to Goddess Swasthani for the longevity of their husbands during the festival AP PHOTO/NIRANJAN SHRESTHA SWITZERLAND Swiss Air Force helicopters practice during security preparations for the upcoming World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, an annual gathering of 2,600 decision-makers from nearly 100 countries and hundreds of companies that starts tomorrow AP PHOTO/ KEYSTONE/ ARNO BALZARINI ENGLAND Bianca Gaurilas wears a Golden Spider silk cape, made from the golden silk of 1.
Freckles and her friends have been genetically engineered to produce milk with the same protein as spider silk - stronger than any man-made fibre.
Since spider silk is an insubstantial fiber, each thread of the ground cloth uses 96 strands; the heavy pattern threads are composed of 960 strands.
Scientists now have a clear understanding of why spider silk fibres are so incredibly strong.