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A portmanteau of metropolitan and heterosexual
adjective Referring to a self-aware and often self-centred heterosexual man (noun) who is less troglodytic than the average heterosexual man, more concerned about his appearance and displays characteristics—love of art, culture and shopping—which are more typically seen in gay men
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Apart from the magnetic appeal ofLeonard the jostling crowds emphaSised the standing of a guy known as Spice Boy because of his own ashiness inside and outside the roped square.
SO it would appear former Spice Boy at Liverpool and current Mr Louise Redknapp has packed in football.
OUTLAW SPICE BOY, who boasts three wins and two seconds from six appearances before the Sky cameras, has been retired after a recurring wrist injury flared up at Reading last week.
Ferguson clearly does not know how he can keep Beckham's mind on football and prevent outright mutiny in a dressing room which is already mumbling about one law for them and another for the Spice Boy.
Included in the Thompson and Morgan Spice Boy mix is Basil Cinnamon, Basil Lettuce Leaf, Basil Greek, Basil Purple Delight, Basil Lemon and Basil Ara rat.
It marked McAteer down as a spice boy, a shallow-minded footballer, a bonviveur.
Last season's disastrous campaign was strewn with off--field scandal and McLeish has sworn to rid his dressing room of its Spice Boy image.
J&J Racing (Poole): 4-6 Gavins Pride, 4 Outlaw Spice Boy, 7 Delicate Chief, 9 Marlfield Silver, 10 Septimus, Spot On Harley, 14 Touchdown Lobo, 16 Cashen Sandie, 33 bar.
From Kevin Keegan's bubble perm to Spice boy Beckham's sarong style skirts, the ball boys have shown themselves to be dedicated followers of the latest trends - no matter how unfortunate.
The serial womaniser has been revealing his sordid secrets this week -- many from his time as a Liverpool Spice Boy.
The law of Sod dictates that tonight is the occasion Bob Gilling's dog regains the winning thread, but I prefer Outlaw Spice Boy after a cracking comeback effort last week.
Weah, fresh from his debut winner for Chelsea against Spurs in midweek, said: "Every time I see Beckham I think Spice Boy, but he's a great player, I love his style of play, he's very intelligent.