sphincter urethrae

(redirected from Sphincter urethræ membranaceæ muscles)

sphinc·ter u·re·thrae

(sfingk'tĕr yū-rēth'rē)
Origin, ramus of pubis; insertion, with fellow in median raphe behind and in front of urethra; action, constricts membranous urethra; nerve supply, pudendal.
Synonym(s): musculus sphincter urethrae [TA] .
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George J., English ophthalmologist, 1785-1856.
Guthrie muscle - constricts membranous urethra. Synonym(s): sphincter urethrae


James, English anatomist, physiologist, and surgeon, 1765-1821.
Wilson muscle - (1) certain fibers of the levator ani; - (2) Synonym(s): sphincter urethrae
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