sphenoidal process of palatine bone

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sphe·noidal pro·cess of pal·a·tine bone

the posterior and smaller of the two processes at the extremity of the vertical plate of the palatine bone.
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The malar eminence is approximately the central portion of the ZMC.4 bony attachments to the skull are evident from the center of the zygomatic bone, namely, a superior attachment to the frontal bone (frontal process of the zygomatic bone), a medial attachment to the maxilla (maxillary process or buttress of the zygomatic bone), a lateral attachment to the temporal bone (temporal process of the zygomatic bone) and a deep attachment to the greater wing of the sphenoid bone (sphenoidal process of the zygomatic bone).13 Using this definition, ZMC fractures are called tripod fractures.