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MgS[O.sub.4] pre-treatment, before non-depolarizing muscle relaxant, accelerated the speed of onset of neuromuscular block necessary for intubation of the trachea.
In addition to their dose sparing effects, neuraxial adjuvants are also utilised to increase the speed of onset of neural blockade (reduce latency), improve the quality and prolong the duration of neural blockade.
Adjuvants are pharmacological drugs, when coadministered with local anaesthetic agents, may improve the speed of onset, quality and duration of analgesia with desirable sedation.
(7,8,9) The improved safety profile of Ropivacaine may allow the use of higher concentrations to try and hasten the speed of onset. Ropivacaine is found to be half as potent as Bupivacaine, the potency ratio being 1.5:1 between Ropivacaine and Bupivacaine respectively.
Speed of onset of regional analgesia in labour: a comparison of the epidural and spinal routes.
The current study proved by adding 100gg of Neostigmine to Bupivacaine 0.5% increase the speed of onset, duration of analgesia and improvement in haemodynamic stability in comparison with control group.
There was no significant difference in the two groups for speed of onset, time to highest sensory level and median highest block height (p>0.5) (table-2).
This property may also enable the use of solution with higher concentration to enhance the speed of onset, time & to prolong duration.