Speed Reading

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The alleged ability to read 10,000 to 25,000 words/minute
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The so-called 'internationally renowned expert' giving the course was rude when questioned and when asked when one would reach the point of understanding the concept or actually be able to achieve speed reading, the answers was "be patient, you will get it on the last day.
The classic way of increasing reading speed is to follow a speed reading course consisting of timed readings followed by comprehension measures.
She explained: ``Unlike speed reading, PhotoReading is a relaxed and focused method of digesting information, enabling you to flip through 15 to 30, sometimes 60 pages per minute, completing a single book in the time most readers can finish a single chapter.
Every page, it seemed, contained advice on how to keep the bucks rolling in: Through "Mega Speed Reading," "Advanced Mega Memory," and "Mega Math," I could maximize my daily earning power.
Unfortunately, I got it wrong, which is not a new occurrence when I'm speed reading newspaper headlines.
Rev It Up Reading is the brainchild of Abby Marks Beale, a developmental and speed reading expert, who created this user-friendly and interactive online course that focuses on simple and effective reading methods that build reading confidence and competence through speed, concentration, comprehension and retention strategies.
She revealed: "She was going through the paper at a real pelt, she was speed reading it.
However Mr Craggs' trial heard his Aston Martin evaded detection after an officer in Stockton was unable to get a speed reading on his car.
Summary: DUBAI - Intense concentration powered with quick reading skills took a new turn on Saturday when over 300 students from around the UAE took a test of their reading skills at a national speed reading competition held at the Excelsior Creek Hotel, Dubai on May 28.
The arrested driver had been clocked six times in South Wales, but the Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership, which is responsible for static and mobile speed cameras in the area, was unable to obtain a speed reading.
The simple answer is yes, you can trust your car's speed reading. While some much older cars that are now very much classics might have speedos that tell fibs, any car built from the 1980s onwards will have a speedo that is reasonably accurate.