Speed Reading

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The alleged ability to read 10,000 to 25,000 words/minute
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Transportation book publisher Motorbooks is launching two new series on automotive transport, Speed Read and The Life, book trade news magazine Publishers Weekly revealed on Friday.
0 connectivity for high speed read and write performance.
500MHz random access read operation: Intra-cell-signal amplification in a 5T2MTJ cell enables high speed read operation.
A book more to be browsed through at leisure than a front to back speed read, Cherish Her would make a terrific leisure choice for those who enjoy reflecting on life beyond the constrains of pessimism or the limitations of optimism.
Jennifer Gosling, from Burleigh College, Loughborough, is said to have speed read the hefty volume - which is 766 pages long - as part of a bookstore challenge.
The Speed Read Digital Thermometer is a fast-reading, digital thermometer that registers the temperature in three to five seconds.
Learn to speed read and then read only absolutely necessary material.
A Speed Read Digital Thermometer tells the temperature in three to five seconds in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
We are pleased to announce a new service, Speed Read in English, which will be available from the new SRJ.
8" HDD Capacity 32 GB 30 GB / 20 GB Weight 15 g 61 g Speed Read 57MBps, Write 32MBps Read/Write 15MBps Power Consumption Off 0.
15, but readers can use the eight-page guide as a preview to check out new features, including expanded community news and prep sports coverage, a Speed Read page for busy readers, a trio of new lifestyle sections and a new Great Outdoors section on Sundays.
Speed Read, page 32: Why the latest leadership books will leave you uninspired.