Speckled Leukoplakia

A white flecked or finely nodular lesion over an atrophic erythematous base that may be seen in a background of erythroplasia which is flat or depressed below the surrounding mucosa. This finding is uncommon in the mouth, and carries a risk of malignant transformation
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Oral erythroplakia and speckled leukoplakia: retrospective analysis of 13 cases.
Speckled leukoplakia (erythro-leukoplakia), has a cancer potential of at least 25%, in some studies as high as 41% (14).
Although white changes (leukoplakia) are the most common premalignant lesion, red changes (erythroplasia) or white changes with a red component (speckled leukoplakia, erythroplakia) carry a greater risk.