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data in the form of letters A to Z and numerals 0 to 9. The characters, which also may include punctuation marks, are used commonly in computer programming to code applications.


adj pertaining to a character set that contains letters and numerals and usually other special characters.
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Regional dialects differ geographically and over long periods of time but each region knows it must retain its own special character.
His devotion to each client's project is grounded in his architectural background, and in his passion both for the complexity of the New York skyline and the special character of the buildings he recognized shortly after he stepped foot on the island.
The two nine-year-olds from Sandwell's Tividale Hall Primary came first and third in a competition to design a special character for a sport and physical activity project.
When you start to accommodate growth, it's really important you look at and try to retain the special character of the neighborhood,'' said Gail Goldberg, director of the city Planning Department.
988 provides special character and timing rules for foreign currency transactions.
Although it is now a retail market, there is still wholesale trading activity, and this gives the place a special character, which is further transformed at weekends by specialist traders and Londoners interested in their wares.
This continuity undoubtedly illustrates the special character of South Germany: the combination of aggressiveness with liberal-democratic-republican principles gave a unique colouring to South German liberalism on the eve of the First World War, something which perhaps facilitated its adaptation to the protest movements after the war and finally to National-Socialism.
Combining such educational resources adds richness and breadth to the homeschooling experience without taking away its special character.
Ultiboard's support for multi-byte and other special character formats are said to benefit designs bound for international markets Ultiboard 8 includes PCB transmission line and differential impedance calculators that complement the tool's high-speed rule checks.
The new Salesboom CRM improvements, already in effect, allow global users to type in any character set they desire, fully allowing users to store information in both their regional format and with accented and other special character types.
Trees with special character, those that are not good for milling but could be used as architectural, perhaps structural elements.
The time-honored tradition of the octave indicates the special character of a liturgical celebration, extending it from one holy day into eight.

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