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data in the form of letters A to Z and numerals 0 to 9. The characters, which also may include punctuation marks, are used commonly in computer programming to code applications.


adj pertaining to a character set that contains letters and numerals and usually other special characters.
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Otto Merkt, a member of the Young Liberals before the war and the mayor of Kempten, became president of the Provincial Assembly of Swabia (Kreistag von Schwaben und Neuburg) which aimed to preserve the independence and special character of Swabian culture.
He's a very special character as we all know and he has a particular way of behaving and there's little doubt that he will want to beat his former club.
Trees with special character, those that are not good for milling but could be used as architectural, perhaps structural elements.
In this sense, Ozanam emerges as a genuinely significant reader of the text, as one attuned, not merely to matters of cultural circumstance, hut to the novelty of the undertaking in Dante and to the special character of the theological discourse it represents.
The time-honored tradition of the octave indicates the special character of a liturgical celebration, extending it from one holy day into eight.
Jimmy, you were a special character and will be missed by many.
Other computer security tools are monitoring event logs on servers, ensuring that file and account permissions are properly set, that computer systems use password protection and that passwords are composed of at least eight characters and that the password combination includes both letters and numbers (alphanumeric) and has at least one special character.
Log files that record all the changes made by SpellRx to the drawing Special Application and User Dictionaries for adding those unique, technical words and jargon specific to your field Zoom-Locate which "zooms" you all around your drawing, locating and illustrating the suspected word -- right as it appears in the drawing Special Character recognition for those technical words and Superior Networking capabilities.
It's a very important role for me, a special character.
Mathews, summarizes their special character, and the second, again by Mathews, examines illumination of the classic phase of the tenth and eleventh centuries.
Living yeast imparts a special character to cask-conditioned ale.
Consider a sequential sampling from a population of size m + n, among them m subjects have a special character or a particular disease.

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