Special Populations

People who might be more sensitive or susceptible to exposure to hazardous substances because of factors such as age, occupation, sex, or behaviours (e.g., cigarette smoking). Children, pregnant women, and older people are often considered special populations
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1 Special Population Program/Services All services provided by the vendor shall include provisions for special populations such as low income families, disabled citizens, and others.
The authors in this issue clearly delineate the unique needs of three special populations and have included innovative suggestions and ideas to best work with these populations.
Both pharmacological management therapies and non-pharmacologic interventions are included along with information about pain assessment screening tools for special populations.
With this new area of focus graduates will be attuned to the needs and issues of special populations including indigenous and native populations, victims of human trafficking and displaced peoples such as the homeless, refugees and immigrants.
There is much material devoted to when and how to break the news to family and friends, and especially to special populations such as children and those with intellectual disabilities and dementia.
This includes those special populations that, even if they are a small group, are part of the community, such as farmworkers.
Topics that were suggested, included, psychopharmacology, new treatments, topics on special populations, and an update on the new DSM-V.
From brain research and special populations from the elderly to children to how mental illness interacts with other disorders, this offers the latest information and also packs in a glossary of mental health terms, a list of crisis hotlines, and more.
The company presented the results at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society research evaluating safety and efficacy of the Vimpat drug in adults with partial-onset seizures (POS) and in other special populations.
Often when we discuss special populations we think of populations such as those who suffer from mental illness, geriatric offenders, veterans, those affiliated with gangs or special threat groups, female offenders, ICE detainees and transgender offenders, to name a few.
In the 25 chapters, an international group of dermatologists and infectious disease specialists cover diagnosis and principles for therapy; common and less-common infections; those special to ecosystems like the desert, tropics, and aquatic settings; special populations like athletes, and HIV, organ transplant, cancer, pediatric, diabetic, and elderly patients; specific body sites; and special diseases like venereal diseases, skin surgery and life-threatening infections.
We believed it was in the best interest of Zain and our esteemed customers to develop the Sales staff for the aid of special populations," Bourisli expressed.

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