Special Populations

People who might be more sensitive or susceptible to exposure to hazardous substances because of factors such as age, occupation, sex, or behaviours (e.g., cigarette smoking). Children, pregnant women, and older people are often considered special populations
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This study examined the relationship between instructional expenditures and the annual dropout rates of special populations. Per-pupil instructional expenditures by school district and targeted special populations included students identified as ELL (English language learner), economically disadvantaged, at-risk and special education students.
Besides the expected section on working with adults with mental health problems, it also focuses on services to children and young people, treating those with chronic ill-health and disabilities, and handling special populations such as women suffering from post traumatic stress disorder following child birth or pregnancy loss.
It provides authoritative content on nursing implications, IV administration and preventing medication errors and includes an expanded focus on special populations in monographs, appendices and new full-colour charts.
As the opening plenary continued, NCCHCA Special Populations Coordinator, Rosa Navarro, offered an anecdote of the exciting journey she embarked on securing John Quinones, ABC Correspondent for Primetime and 20/20, as this year's Opening Plenary Keynote Speaker.
The committee also will address research needs in the areas of specific vaccine safety questions, vaccines and vaccination practices, special populations, and clinical outcomes.
Our mission to assist and encourage local churches to reach out with open minds, open hearts, and open doors to all their neighbors has driven our work with many special populations. Currently several county agencies on aging are asking us to work with them to modify our GrandCamp design to meet the needs of grandparents who are raising grandchildren.
It discusses comprehensive information on group work with gay and lesbian elders, caregivers, elders with Alzheimer's disease, service providers, special populations such as Vietnamese and Latino elders, and provides information on the use of expressive therapies like art, drama, and dance.
Utilizing a combination of pre-customized state forms and service offerings, it contains all the features of the current Web-based system suite, providing smaller districts with a complete solution for managing the administrative complexities and decision-making processes inherent in programs for special populations. The ASP option enables districts to minimize their investment in hardware, infrastructure and related support personnel.
Additional attention is also devoted to such special populations as children raised in multiracial or multicultural environments, children in the juvenile justice system, and homeless and runaway children.
In Kentucky, Donnalie is the strongest advocate for special populations students and the educators that work with them.
In Special Populations in Gifted Education: Working With Diverse Gifted Learners, (ISBN 0-205-35958-2), Jaime A.
In addition to developing programs on breast and prostate cancer, she has actively worked to increase the NIEHS portfolio on issues related to environmental factors affecting the health of special populations.

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