Special Olympics

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An international competition held every two years, alternating between Summer and Winter Games, for anyone 8 years or older who has intellectual disabilities. The first Special Olympics were held in Chicago in 1968
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If you are interested in learning more about Special Olympics Illinois, volunteering or providing financial support to help make Special Olympics programs possible, contact your local Special Olympics agency, call 800-394-0562 or visit our website at www.soill.org.
Often, people with intellectual disabilities are sidelined and forgotten," added Costello.Costello and Special Olympics Regional Director Charles Nyambe interacted with athletes with intellectual disabilities and their parents in Kajiado County on Tuesday.
The 2022 USA Games coincide with the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics Florida.
The delegation of the Special Olympics of Turkmenistan won 8 medals -- 4 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals.
Health is essential to being the best one can be, both on and off the playing field, and Special Olympics athletes are leading the way in educating their communities.
(https://www.specialolympics.org/about/eunice-kennedy-shriver) Eunice Kennedy Shriver , a fierce defender of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, founded the Special Olympics more than 50 years ago.
Through the power of sport, community and collaboration, The Special Olympics UAE will author the world's most powerful story of inclusion.
Members of the Special Olympics came to the school and asked her to try shot put.
She first ran in Special Olympics in 1970, at the launch of the programme in Pennsylvania.
Ronak Lakhani and Aneesur Rehman will lead Pakistan's 134-member contingent during the grand Special Olympics World Summer Games.
Saif bin Mohammed al-Rubaie, Chairman of Special Olympics

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