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military personnel or Department of Defense officials, while members of the Special Air Service augment the protective teams of members of Great Britain's Royal Family when they are traveling to foreign venues where a higher threat is expected.
With the SAS and other animals; a vet's war--the story of a young veterinary officer, seconded to the Special Air Service Regiment for six months during the covert operations in the Arabian Gulf in 1974.
The tense stand-off is shattered as Special Air Service officer Paddy Mayne shoots dead an enemy pilot.
MEN from Teesside are some of Britain's best and bravest Special Air Service soldiers.
Special forces, including the elite Special Air Service, traced his escape route from the 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkhas base in Nahr-e-Saraj, Helmand.
My father was in the army for 25 years serving with the Sherwood Foresters, Parachute Regiment, and Special Air Service.
In the UK, women can join the British Armed forces in all roles except those whose " primary duty is to close with and kill the enemy" -- including infantry, armour, commando, airfield defence, special air service and special boat service.
The British government did not deny that the Special Air Service (SAS) had been working with Libyan forces, but said there had been no defense deal connected to the release of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi.
The 886-metre-high peak is used as part of the selection course for the British Special Air Service Regiment and traditionally done carrying a 35lb back pack.
In 2002, a Special Air Service sergeant, Andrew Russell, was killed when he drove over a land mine.
In the foreword Chris, a Military Cross holder for his exploits with the Bravo Two Zero patrol in the first Gulf War, who is originally from Rowlands Gill, said: "Geordie is a legend to all soldiers of the Special Air Service.
There are two SAS regiments - 22 Special Air Service Regiment and 21 SAS - the Territorial Army equivalent.

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