Spearman, Charles Edward

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Charles Edward, English psychologist, 1863-1945.
Spearman correlation coefficient - statistical measure used to assess significance of differences between groups.
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Pearson correlation coefficient and spearman correlation coefficient are followed to construct similarity matrix.
To assess the relationship between education level and the dependent variable, we used the Spearman correlation coefficient.
Correlations of horse's vital parameters at rest and ambient temperature, relative air humidity and air pressure were analysed using Spearman correlation coefficient (r).
Data analysis was performed by the use of statistical SPSS software and by Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis and Spearman correlation coefficient tests.
Spearman correlation coefficient matrix between MPUT-EO/EC, MIGF, DASH, and VAS in patients with hand osteoarthritis.
Spearman correlation coefficient test was used to analyze any significant relationship between PI, AI and percentage of positive cells with apoptosis-related proteins, CD 10, bcl-6, and MUM1, whether evaluated as positive or negative using cut-off values.
Analysis comparing the EDSS respiratory CCs with the Telehealth Ontario calls about respiratory disease (Figure) resulted in a Spearman correlation coefficient of 0.
In addition to that test, Spearman Correlation coefficient could be used to test for significant correlations between the stability scores related to the two DEA models.
The relationship between the student evaluation questionnaire responses and the students' Multicultural Sensitivity Scale scores was analyzed with a Spearman correlation coefficient.
The Spearman correlation coefficient between the Bayesian model ratings and the validation panelists' ratings averages was .
Comparing rankings based upon the weighted article scores versus the weighted page scores for the top 30 employers, a high degree of correlation exists as evidenced by a Spearman correlation coefficient of .