spastic paraplegia

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spas·tic par·a·ple·gi·a

paresis of the lower extremities with increased muscle tone and spasmodic contraction of the muscles.
Synonym(s): Erb-Charcot disease (2)

spastic paraplegia

Etymology: Gk, spasmos, spasm, para + plege, stroke
a form of partial paralysis mainly affecting older people. It is accompanied by irritability and spastic contractions of the leg muscles.

spastic paraplegia

Paralysis of both lower limbs with muscle spasm. This may be due to diseases of the brain or spinal cord, spinal nerve roots or peripheral nerves. The condition may be hereditary.


Wilhelm Heinrich, German neurologist, 1840-1921.
Duchenne-Erb paralysis - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
Duchenne-Erb syndrome - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
Erb atrophy - a form of progressive muscular atrophy in which the disease begins in the muscle and not in the spinal centers. Synonym(s): progressive muscular dystrophy
Erb disease - progressive weakness and atrophy of the muscles of the tongue, lips, palate, pharynx, and larynx, most often caused by motor neuron disease. Synonym(s): progressive bulbar paralysis
Erb formula - the portion of the brachial plexus that can be stimulated through intact skin.
Erb palsy - a type of brachial birth palsy in which there is paralysis of the muscles of the upper arm and shoulder girdle. Synonym(s): Duchenne-Erb paralysis; Duchenne-Erb syndrome; Erb-Duchenne paralysis; Erb paralysis
Erb paralysis - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
Erb sign - Synonym(s): Erb-Westphal sign
Erb spinal paralysis - chronic myelitis of syphilitic origin.
Erb-Charcot disease - a type of cerebral palsy. Synonym(s): spastic diplegia; spastic paraplegia
Erb-Duchenne paralysis - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
Erb-Goldflam disease - Synonym(s): Goldflam disease
Erb-Westphal sign - abolition of the patellar tendon reflex in certain diseases of the spinal cord and occasionally in brain disease. Synonym(s): Erb sign; Westphal-Erb sign; Westphal phenomenon; Westphal sign
Nievergelt-Erb syndrome - Synonym(s): Nievergelt syndrome
Westphal-Erb sign - Synonym(s): Erb-Westphal sign
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