Spanish fly

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, gen.


, pl.


(kan'thar-is, kan-thar'i-dis, -dēz),
A dried beetle, Lytta (Cantharis) vesicatoria, used as a counterirritant and vesicant.
Synonym(s): Russian fly, Spanish fly
[L., fr. G. kantharis, a beetle]
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Spanish fly

1. A brilliant green blister beetle (Lytta vesicatoria) of central and southern Europe.
2. A toxic preparation of the crushed, dried bodies of this beetle, formerly used as a counter-irritant for skin blisters and as an aphrodisiac. Also called cantharides.
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Spanish fly

Alternative medicine
(1) Blister beetle.
(2) Cantharis, see there.
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Spanish fly

Dried extract of the blister beetle, Lytta vesicatoria . Cantharides. This is a highly irritant and poisonous substance with an unjustified reputation as an APHRODISIAC.
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