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The cute canine cadets follow hot and the heels of ten German Shepherds and six Springer Spaniels born at the centre last week.
Ann Hodgens, 47, of Stepps, near Glasgow, spent pounds 500 on a pedigree spaniel.
GUNDOG RESULTS Spaniels: 1, TheMavericks, N Wales; 2, Gwynedd Spaniel Club; 3, Three Shires Spaniel Meet.
Flushing spaniels, built to "flush out" game from dense undergrowth, with furry legs to protect them from thorns, and short limbs to help them get underneath obstacles, include the English cocker spaniel and springer spaniel.
POODLES, pugs, dalmatians and greyhounds were all produced in the Staffordshire area, but it is the Spaniels that have become the most familiar ceramic dog breed.
Black and golden labradors, Brittany spaniels, English springer spaniels and some less common breeds such as Llewellin setters, Deutsch-Drahthaars and small and large munsterlanders hunted at the Showdown with their owners.
They particularly want "energetic and lively cocker spaniels, springer spaniels and labradors aged between one and two".
The team exercised a dozen dogs, from Spaniels and Staffies to Huskies and Akitas, as well as donating dogs food and treats.
He stated that if you have more than 50-yard retrieves for your spaniels you should probably be hunting over Labs or Chessies.
THREE pedigree cocker spaniels worth [euro]3,000 have been stolen in the latest in a series of dog thefts.
Berwick Hills resident Angela Leach contacted the MP to ask if it was true that King Charles spaniels were allowed into the House of Commons.
Although British potters had been making spaniels since the 18th century, they really became popular from the 1840s after Victoria ascended to the throne and Staffordshire potters had developed the chimney ornament known as the flatback.