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The amount, distance, or length between two points; the full extent or reach of anything.
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1. The distance from one fixed point to another, as the distance, when the hand is fully expanded, from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger.
2. A length of time.
3.. The duration of a process.

attention span

The duration of sustained concentration on a task or activity. See: hyperactivity (2); attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder

digit span

A test of memory and attention.
See: digit span test

life span

The maximum obtainable age of a member of a species.

memory span

The number of words or objects one can store and recall when asked to do so. See: digit span test
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Ademas de la SPANE, se registraron dos recursos personales (esperanza y resiliencia) y una medida objetiva de desempeno academico, con la finalidad de describir la relacion entre estos y las dimensiones de la SPANE.
"When I talk to people about getting themselves ready for the next phase, they get stuck in the preliminary [stage]," Spane says.
A perusal of the inventories in Henslowe's diary reveals a wide array of costume pieces that would have been appropriate for both characters: a 'Spanerd gyrcken' or a 'read Spanes dublett styched' and many richly embroidered 'satten dublets' (56) would have assisted in defining both characters in the eyes of audience members.
(2) This attempt, in turn, rests upon affirming the relationship between "the spanes comodye donne oracioe," which, according to Henslowe, was playing in rotation with The Spanish Tragedy by February of 1592, and the farcical First Part of Hieronimo, not printed until 1605.
(45) Henslowe's Diary indicates that a performance of The Spanish Tragedy was immediately or very closely preceded by a performance of "spanes comodye donne oracoe" on five occasions in 1592 (March 13, 14, 30, 31; April 10, 14, 22, 24; May 21, 22).
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