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Relating to the paracelsian or alchemical system of medicine, which stressed the treatment of disease by various types of chemical substances.
[G. spaō, to tear open, + ageirō, to collect]
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One way to take our spagyrics is right under the tongue, which can be intense; but it's just a few drops so it's not too bad, and the taste is the first part of what the plants are communicating to your body.
When we opened our practice 22 years ago, we were only making seven magisteries, one for each classical planet--the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and the sun--with a focus on using spagyrics for meditation.
of Exeter, UK), a homeopath who lectures on the history of alchemy, introduces spagyrics as a branch of medicinal alchemy that enhances the healing energies of plants.
goes in for ritual pederasty-as seems to have been the case among Spartans, Celts and the Sambia of New Guinea, if you believe Rick Fields in The Code of the Warrior-though it's not hard to imagine, at the Agency, as in prep school, a homoerotic bonding of the blue-eyed boys, reading their spagyrics and their necromantiums, pulling on their Tomar Towers and their Luxor Obelisks, speaking their Vattan cryptosystems.