Space Ship

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A regional term for a glass pipe used to smoke crack cocaine
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Many visitors from different walks of life and background have expressed great joy and excitement at taking part in the activity, describing the Space Ship as a "wonderful, unmatched experience".
Sir Richard Branson has unveiled world's first commercial manned spacecraft, the Virgin Space Ship Enterprise.
The space ship, which is about the same size as an executive jet, will carry six passengers and two pilots.
Go touch a space ship on display or take a tour of the latest scientific developments and see how engineers at Johnson develop everything from life support systems to robotics to space walking gear for U.
At the facilities researchers wear space suits and live in a space ship to simulate the experience of being on a mission to Mars.
CARACAS --Texas-based Lone Star Space Access is negotiating with the government to build a $100 million space ship and launch site in Venezuela.
Sonera, the Finnish telecommunications provider, has reportedly built a space ship in the Moomin World in Naantali, Finland.
The theater can shake its seats when a space ship launches or zoom in on tiny molecules yet to be discovered.
As a result, the first dream about a space ship did not seem particularly important, and by morning he had forgotten the details of the dream.
History was made when the Philae robotic space ship.
There is reportedly a large fallen Star Destroyer space ship in the background while the two actors make their way to a station.
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