Space Headache

A moderately intense secondary headache that occurs in astronauts, unrelated to motion sickness, which is linked to disorders of homeostasis
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Our research shows that space headache is a common and often isolated disabling complaint during space flight," Dr Vein said.
Washington, June 3 (ANI): After carrying out a study of 17 astronauts, scientists are calling for space headache to be established as a new secondary disorder.
Other human research investigations conducted this week include Biological Rhythms-48, Biochem Profile, Cardio Ox, Repository, Body Measures, Dose Tracker, Fine Motor Skills, Habitability, Marrow, and Space Headaches.
So whether you are taking the kids to school,doing the shopping run or driving fully laden with suitcases to an airport, the Meriva should manage it - or at leastremove some of the space headaches you find in some of its less adaptable competitors.
The cargo includes questionnaires for a space headaches investigation that crew members will complete to provide in-flight data about the prevalence and characteristics of headaches they may experience in microgravity.