Space Cadet

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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine dipped in PCP
Vox populi A person who can’t focus on the task at hand, and is thus said to be 'spacy'
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VERDICT: I never watched Space Cadets but I thought the idea was funny.
Singer turned space cadet Alistair Griffin sent his fans into raptures - and into the car park - at his latest concert.
For anyone who has been lucky enough to escape it, Space Cadets has seen Channel 4 tricking a group of gullible goons into believing they are being sent up into space when, in reality, they are just stuck in a TV studio in East Anglia.
IN LOVE: Space Cadets Billy Jackson and Keri Hassett' HAPPY: Keri Hassett has no regrets about being a Space Cadet.
Producers delayed showing the unwitting Space Cadets contestants a glimpse of the world because a stray moth blocked part of the view.
But our relationship probably foundered for ever when the channel announced plans for its new series Space Cadets.
SPACE Cadets, presented by Johnny Vaughan (left) is ridiculously pleased with itself, but why?
PRESENTER Johnny Vaughan used various smart-alec phrases to introduce the new reality show Space Cadets (Channel 4, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
The teenager was picked from hundreds of hopefuls for the series Space Cadets, which began last night on S4C.
MUSIC: Space Cadets play their own brand of rock covers music at this in -vogue venue where the music is always distinctive and always live.
The space cadets ventured into the unknown through a huge silver tunnel, into a sky-dome, complete with changing conditions, planets and stars.
ALIEN invasions, space visions and intergalactic communication are all part of the deal for Scots space cadets Tam