Space Cadet

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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine dipped in PCP
Vox populi A person who can’t focus on the task at hand, and is thus said to be 'spacy'
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2ONE Winner will receive a Kids' Space Cadet Bedroom Makeover from www.
We did get close on Space Cadets, but not physically," Keri beamed.
Viewers saw the 19-year-old, from Tonteg, go through an audition process on the first Space Cadets show last night, and shout 'Astrid the astronaut
Burgess Meredith, and many other noted stars making their television debuts; Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, based on the popular story by Robert Heinlein and 13 color episodes of Jungle Boy, an adventure series from 1955.
He's been lumbered with executive chairman Garry Cook, a boardroom space cadet who makes David Brent seem like Barack Obama.
Now he's working with London's ABC Records and is planning his first album and single, Space Cadet.
Hey, this distracted space cadet makes the Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmins seem like Ms.
YOU'RE gullible enough to be a Space Cadet if you believe a) Davina is the next Parkinson, b) X Factor judges' tiffs are real, c) Cameron is any less slippery than Blair.
SPACE Cadet reject Cheryl Dearie is still planning to become a star - despite her knockback from the reality TV show.
LOOKS like UFO obsessive Robbie Williams may have recruited his very own space cadet - Peter Andre.
JOHN Redwood proved he really is a space cadet yesterday after saying people should be poorer.