Space Cadet

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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine dipped in PCP
Vox populi A person who can’t focus on the task at hand, and is thus said to be 'spacy'
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The artist released the chill out classic CafA Del Mar as well as the critically acclaimed Fragments From A Space Cadet LP in 2007.
IN LOVE: Space Cadets Billy Jackson and Keri Hassett' HAPPY: Keri Hassett has no regrets about being a Space Cadet.
With an ironic nod to TV reality show hoax Space Cadets, Alistair came on stage wearing a Star Wars-style suit.
Is Binder a space cadet? Or should you get ready for moon malls?
Of the remaining four, Jetstream Jack and Space Cadet are trained by Gordon Elliott, but he might be unwilling to pitch either in against stablemates Lieutenant Colonel, Ball D'Arc or A Toi Phil, who are all owned by Gigginstown, so VVCONTINUES page 3
Loewe's mirrored leather trousers shone brightest, while Louis Vuitton's shimmering skirts and Chanel's accessories spelled out space cadet cool - this is a trend that's got the potential to really take off...
The space cadet said: "I feel sort of trained for it just because of what I do in life."
His main focus is now on producing music, promoting the Coma parties and running his Music For Dreams label, on which he originally released the critically acclaimed Fragments From A Space Cadet LP in 2007.
FOR more details about Space Cadet Bedroom Furniture visit or phone 0114 286 9243
Children in the audience are being encouraged to dress up as a cosmic princess, an alien or a space cadet.
At its official opening Gary the Gifted Space Cadet, a children's entertainer from Roseworth, was on hand to keep the youngsters happy.