Space Cadet

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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine dipped in PCP
Vox populi A person who can’t focus on the task at hand, and is thus said to be 'spacy'
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IN LOVE: Space Cadets Billy Jackson and Keri Hassett' HAPPY: Keri Hassett has no regrets about being a Space Cadet.
With an ironic nod to TV reality show hoax Space Cadets, Alistair came on stage wearing a Star Wars-style suit.
He jumped soundly but, outpaced at a crucial stage, stayed on without threatening the winner, Space Cadet, which triumphed by six lengths.
Loewe's mirrored leather trousers shone brightest, while Louis Vuitton's shimmering skirts and Chanel's accessories spelled out space cadet cool - this is a trend that's got the potential to really take off.
The space cadet said: "I feel sort of trained for it just because of what I do in life.
To celebrate the DVD release of the family-fun movie ZATHURA, we're giving one lucky reader the chance to win this fabulous Space Cadet furniture courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Children in the audience are being encouraged to dress up as a cosmic princess, an alien or a space cadet.
After all, he has shown himself to be a first-class space cadet, unable to understand anything happening here on Earth.
At its official opening Gary the Gifted Space Cadet, a children's entertainer from Roseworth, was on hand to keep the youngsters happy.
Through his scheming and lies, Duck has convinced the Earth's Defensive Protectorate that he is a hero from the 21st century and has been given a starship and crew - an adoring and eager young Space Cadet (Porky Pig).
Gordon Elliott, trainer of Robin Thyme, Double Scores, Space Cadet and Jury Duty Robin Thyme is well and shouldn't be troubled by the step up in trip, whereas the trip is a bit of a worry for Double Scores.