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glycine max

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soy protein

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Therapeutic: antioxidants
Menopausal symptoms.Prevention of breast, lung, endometrial, thyroid and prostate cancers.Hyperlipidemia.


Soy is the most significant dietary source of isoflavones. Pharmacologic effects of soy include lowering of homocysteine levels, inhibition of platelet aggregation, lowering of blood pressure, inhibition of cholesterol absorption in the small bowel and lowering of LDL cholesterol. Soy isoflavones also have antioxidant, antiproliferative and estrogenic effects.

Therapeutic effects

Decreased cholesterol.
Decreased hot flashes in menopausal women.


Absorption: Unknown
Distribution: Unknown
Metabolism and Excretion: Unknown
Half-life: Unknown

Time/action profile



Contraindicated in: Hypersensitivity.End stage renal disease.Urinary bladder cancer (may increase risk).
Use Cautiously in: Nephrolithiasis.Hypothyroidism.

Adverse Reactions/Side Effects


  • insomnia


  • bloating
  • constipation
  • gastrointestinal upset


Antibiotics may ↓ effects of soy. May inhibit effects of estrogens and tamoxifen.May ↑ risk of hypertensive crisis with MAO inhibitors.May ↓ INR of patients taking warfarin. None.
Oral (Adults) 35–120 mg/day.


Tablets: Powder:

Nursing implications

Nursing assessment

  • Monitor blood pressure prior to and periodically during therapy.
  • Hypercholesterolemia: Obtain a diet history, especially with regard to fat consumption.
  • Menopausal symptoms: Assess the frequency and intensity of hot flashes prior to and periodically during therapy.
  • Lab Test Considerations: Monitor blood glucose, lipid profile, hormones, and thyroid function before and periodically during therapy.

Potential Nursing Diagnoses

Deficient knowledge, related to diet and medication regimen (Patient/Family Teaching)


  • Oral: Administer as directed.

Patient/Family Teaching

  • Instruct patient to take as directed.
  • Instruct patient to notify health care professional of all Rx or OTC medications, vitamins, or herbal products being taken and to consult with health care professional before taking other medications.

Evaluation/Desired Outcomes

  • Decrease in frequency and intensity of hot flashes.
  • Reduction in serum cholesterol levels.

soy protein

A type of vegetable protein found in food products derived from soybeans. Soy-based foods also contain fiber, flavones, phytoestrogens, and other potentially beneficial components. See: soy milk; tofu
See also: protein
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SIX CHOLESTEROLBUSTING FOODS ADD some of these to your daily diet to help lower your cholesterol, suggests the cholesterol charity Heart UK: Soya foods: | Naturally low in saturated fat, studies show that as little as 15g of soya protein a day, found in things like edamame beans, tofu and soya milk, can lower your cholesterol around 6%.
The new range expands ADM's existing portfolio of highly versatile soya protein crisps, including its successful Nutrisoy[R] line, which will be showcased alongside Textural[TM].
One of my vegetarian friends says if you use soya protein or Quorn in a curry, chilli or other strongly flavoured meal, you can't tell the difference anyway.
Elysee's Time Avenger Face Lifting Powder Masque was formulated with natural soya protein to temporarily lift the face and reduce the appearance of aging.
TRY MILKY COFFEE Low-fat dairy and soya protein both have blood pressure-lowering effects.
Recent meta-analyses support the hypocholesterolemic action indicating that soya protein directly lowers circulating LDL-cholesterol by approximately 4%.
For checking protein deficiency and malnutrition soya concentrates and isolated soya protein will attract a lesser 10 per cent duty.
Moreover, in recent studies soya protein was shown to reduce risk of heart diseases.
FPI disorders are typically cow's milk and soya protein induced3 but may also occur with ingestion of solid foods including fish, chicken, turkey, corn and vegetables.
And it's easy to substitute soya protein for minced meat in things like chilli, vegan burgers and lasagne.
ADM Specialty Food Ingredients will focus on its growing portfolio of Arcon functional soya protein concentrates.