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Reginald, English physician, 1835-1899. See: Southey tubes.
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In "A Twisted Trump Dystopia, As Told to Crooked Tabatha," Southey has a morning conversation with a messenger from the future.
Mind you, much has changed since Southey penned his enduring children's tale at the property.
His focus is predominantly on selected works by William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey, Thomas Moore and Felicia Hemans.
Mr Southey said: "This man is basically Scots, and the Scots have to put up with him, as we do.
En un temprano poema de Coleridge Religious Musings y en otro que colaboro con Southey Joan of Arc (libro segundo), se puede vislumbrar y rastrear por donde iban los fundamentos filosoficos que llevaron a estos hechos; era la teoria que interpretaba la naturaleza del mundo desde el punto de vista panteista y apocaliptico (5).
(27) The first instance of this is their appearance in Pushkin's 37-line Russian translation of the first 32 lines of Robert Southey's 293-line poem "Hymn to the Penates" (1797).
(1) Caroline Bowles Southey, a second-generation Romantic poet, has too long been ignored and has recently been rediscovered as one of the "major writers" of the Romantic period.
Speck, Robert Southey: Entire Man of Letters (Yale UP, 2006), 305 pp., 23 b & w illustrations, $45 cloth.
In the 1840 letter, Wordsworth gives advice to fellow poet Robert Southey.
She describes such aspects of this early Celtic revival as textual fidelity and critical failure, nostalgia and incorporation in Thomas Gray and Robert Southey, re-imaging the Druid, and Eisteddfodau.
Ian Thomas, who restored the 27-foot yawl Killala, has located an article, written by the yacht's then owner, Norman Southey, of a remarkable voyage from Hobart to Sydney in 1927.