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Reginald, English physician, 1835-1899. See: Southey tubes.
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Mr Southey said: "This man is basically Scots, and the Scots have to put up with him, as we do.
En un temprano poema de Coleridge Religious Musings y en otro que colaboro con Southey Joan of Arc (libro segundo), se puede vislumbrar y rastrear por donde iban los fundamentos filosoficos que llevaron a estos hechos; era la teoria que interpretaba la naturaleza del mundo desde el punto de vista panteista y apocaliptico (5).
Caroline Bowles Southey, a second-generation Romantic poet, has too long been ignored and has recently been rediscovered as one of the "major writers" of the Romantic period.
Like Southey, Pushkin turns to the Penates in line 7 in order to sing them the "promised hymn" of homecoming.
Southey was, in Speck's words, a man who fought "seventeenth-century battles in the third decade of the nineteenth"; his opposition to Catholic Emancipation, for example, led him to circulate a petition in 1829 criticizing the seating of an Irish Catholic in Parliament.
Wordsworth wrote the letter in response to a request by Southey, who was Poet Laureate at the time, to cast his eye over a poem.
Scott, like Southey in A Vision of Judgement, deliberately elides (and aestheticizes) major political and religious differences for 'patriot' ends, but Wordsworth calls up the shades of republicans or regicides.
On WEDNESDAY she hugged and kissed Southey, 27, during a tender meeting.
Southey made a few close friends, but gained a reputation for indiscipline which came to a head when he published an article in a school newspaper he had helped to start, denouncing floggers as the ministers of Satan.
Although we shall be concerned here only with Zukovskij's three earliest translations of the ballads of Robert Southey, it is interesting to follow Zukovskij as he works toward the discovery of the English Romantic poets as a group.