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Reginald, English physician, 1835-1899. See: Southey tubes.
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Southey was a critic of Catholicism from his early experiences in Lisbon in 1795-96.
It was in 1807 that Southey published his Letters from England under the pseudonym Don Manuel Alvarez Espriella, recounting the fictitious Spaniard's travels around the country.
He maintains that Southey was "not so much a creative writer drawing on the imagination, like Coleridge and Wordsworth, as a scholar" (111).
Dr Lynda Pratt, a Southey expert at Nottingham University, said: "There was no way he could have changed his poems to suit Wordsworth but perhaps this was just Wordsworth's way of keeping the channels of communication open.
Police do not know how he was injured, but detectives want to speak to three young men seen running down an alley from Southey Street towards Peel Road at around the time he was found.
This stimulating collection of essays investigates the wide range of issues implied by the term 'Romantic biography', examining not only biographies of writers of the Romantic period (including Wordsworth, Clare, Southey, Austen, Byron, Burns, Scott, Keats, and Shelley), but also the degree to which the form is itself shaped by assumptions about the self and its relations to creativity and society that are themselves Romantic.
Last week, we revealed how she's juggling THREE fellas - actor Alastair Southey, TV comic David Walliams and tantric sex guru Amadu Sowe.
Eliot, with the eighteenth century in mind: and few poets better illustrate the truth of his insight than Robert Southey (1774-1843).
Robert Southey was the Poet Laureate of England when she wrote this letter.
Although we shall be concerned here only with Zukovskij's three earliest translations of the ballads of Robert Southey, it is interesting to follow Zukovskij as he works toward the discovery of the English Romantic poets as a group.
Serving Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee at UN Headquarters is a small, but symbolic step, on the long road to meeting the UN Millennium Development goals--a set of time-bounded targets for ensuring environmental sustainability, alleviating poverty, and promoting partnerships for global development," says Sean Southey, manager of the United Nations Development Program's Equator Initiative.