Southern transfer

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Southern transfer


Southern blotting

a method of transferring BANDS of DNA, separated by GEL ELECTROPHORESIS, to a membrane support. The technique is named after E. Southern, who devised it. Compare NORTHERN TRANSFER.
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Derry are on the verge of sealing a deal which could see the 22-year-old join the Candystripes in January when the southern transfer window re-opens, with Hamilton keen to loan the player out in the interim period.
The book covers all of the relevant topics: introductory genetics, DNA-based technologies such as the Southern transfer and PCR, human genetic variations, bioinformatics, proteomics, and the ethical issues that will likely play more of a key role in the adaptation of genomic information to clinical practice than will the technology itself.
Expensive optional equipment performs automated Southern transfer, automated DNA extraction, and image analysis.
Geiger-Mueller counter Beta-particle counter Beta-particle shielding devices Nucleic acid extractor (optional) Electrophoresis units ([greater than]1) Automated electrophoresis/automated Southern transfer unit (optional) Transfer units (vacuum or capillary) Autoradiography cassettes/intensifying screens Dot/slot blot apparatus Densitometer or image analysis system
The results correlated very well with the results of Southern transfer analysis.
These recombination events or CMT1A duplications were directly detected by Southern transfer analysis [22,26] and the 3.2-kb recombination hotspot accounted for more than three-quarters of the cases of CMT1A-REP duplication among our patients.
Molecular diagnostic assays for the evaluation of lymphoid malignancies including Southern transfer and PCR have become increasingly popular in the clinical laboratory.
To verify the correspondence with classical hybridization techniques, we quantified c-erbB-2 amplification by the proposed method in four breast cancer cell lines (SKBR-3, ZR75.1, T47D, and MDA.MB.231) in which the oncogene amplification had been previously measured with Southern transfer analysis (Table 2).

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