Southern Blot

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A method developed by EM Southern for detecting and manipulating specific DNA sequences previously separated by gel electrophoresis using a radioactively- or chemically-labeled DNA probe with sequence similarity
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The OsCTZFP8 gene was stably integrated into the rice genome as confirmed by PCR and Southern blot analysis using [T.sub.0] transgenic plants (Figures 5(c) and 5(e)).
Arrows, polymerase chain reaction primers to detect homologous recombination; Bar, probe for Southern blot analysis.
Caption: Figure 4: Determination of whether pFJ1, pFJ4, and pFJ6 could integrate into the J7 chromosome by Southern blot analysis.
One empty vector control and five Ubi-hpCP:Hc-Pro primary transgenic lines (T0) were analyzed for transgene copy number by Southern blot hybridization and for the accumulation of siRNAs by Northern blot hybridization.
It has been linked to HPV subtypes 13 and 32 using PCR analysis and Southern blot hybridization.
S1 nuclease pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and Southern blot analysis showed that the blaNDM-1 gene was located on plasmids of various sizes belonging to different Inc groups.
Las misma sonda que se empleo para Southern blot se utilizo para los ensayos de Dot blot, siguiendo el mismo protocolo descrito para este excepto que las membranas fueron hibridadas con la sondas dTdic1 durante 16 horas y la temperatura de hibridacion fue de 50 [grados]C.
White colonies were selected and their genotype determined by PCR using 0091-F and 0093-R, and by Southern blot using probes containing the homologous regions, the BCG_0092 gene and pGOAL-19.
Southern blot analysis was carried out to confirm the hybridization of Brevibacterium cholesterol oxidase type II oligo probe against the digested chromosomal DNA from R.
The molecular analysis should include obtaining the CGG repeat number through both polymerase chain reaction assay and Southern blot assay.

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