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the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, which include Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.
Balkan frame - metal frame above a bed which provides for limb suspension, named for the Balkan wars, 1908-1913.
Balkan nephrectomy
Balkan nephritis - chronic progressive nephritis seen predominantly in Balkan countries.
Balkan nephropathy - interstitial nephritis occurring in the Balkan countries.
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I want to express that we regard southeastern Europe as a part of European security, General Kivrikoglu stressed.
Joining HSIA, HDL-DH marks the beginning of the integration of high tech industry in Southeastern Europe.
Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, OMV's CEO, stated: "With the closing of this transaction we have strengthened our position as integrated market leader in Central and Southeastern Europe.
In an interview with German daily Handelsblatt on August 2, Hombach said that the company intended to pull out of Southeastern Europe and would first divest its businesses in Serbia and Romania.
The continued weakening of the company's financial risk profile is evident in its lower profitability in Central and Southeastern Europe and and in the material increase in its debt pile due to primarily debt-financed acquisitions and capital expenditure in recent years.
8, the World Health Organization stated that "the most active areas of pandemic influenza transmission currently are in parts of central, eastern and southeastern Europe, North Africa, and South Asia.
Swedish VoIP, IPTV and Internet access solutions provider Tilgin AB (OMX Stockholm:TILG) said on Tuesday (2 December) that it has received an IP technology order from a new customer in southeastern Europe.
As a partner of AMS, we will be able to improve our private label programmes further and create economies of scale that will benefit the consumer," said Renaud Cogels, executive vice president Delhaize Group, CEO, southeastern Europe and Asia and head of global sourcing.
This center joins the Avery/Fasson centers in the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland (plus a further three in Russia) in providing service to converters in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
Although archaeological records show that early agricultural techniques were being practised in southeastern Europe before the flood, the collapse corresponds to a sudden expansion of agriculture and pottery production across Europe, indicating that the catastrophic rise in water levels forced people to move west, taking their culture and farming know-how into areas inhabited by hunter-gatherer communities.
Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1250, by Florin Curta.
In seven chapters constituting a major contribution to this fallow field, scientists from southeastern Europe and Germany review special MAP harvesting, drying, and post-harvesting processing requirements; and industrial utilization of MAP.

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