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the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, which include Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.
Balkan frame - metal frame above a bed which provides for limb suspension, named for the Balkan wars, 1908-1913.
Balkan nephrectomy
Balkan nephritis - chronic progressive nephritis seen predominantly in Balkan countries.
Balkan nephropathy - interstitial nephritis occurring in the Balkan countries.
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The Croatian economy has a stable functioning market economy which is one of the most advanced of Southeastern Europe. The country is considered by the World Bank to be a high-income economy.
Markets in Southeastern Europe will continue to be adversely impacted by the Eurozone crisis and demand for building materials is not expected to recover substantially this year.
Revenues from operations in southeastern Europe and Asia soared 29.9% to 3.18 billion euros.
As the high built towards the Baltic Sea, cold air poured into eastern and southeastern Europe. The high also shunted the Atlantic jet stream, together with its oceanic warmth, clouds and rain, northward past Iceland and Norway to the arctic Barents Sea.
The interconnector is a project of strategic importance for Greece and Bulgaria since it reinforces the security and provides diversification of supply in southeastern Europe. The project, together with the development of the Turkey-Greece-Italy (ITGI) gas supply corridor, will enable the delivery of Caspian and Central Asian gas to southeastern Europe as early as 2014.
The new entity would have assets of 150 billion euros ($216 billion), 80 billion in deposits and 2,000 branches in southeastern Europe. Neither bank has commented but a press conference was reportedly to be held on Monday to announce the deal.
ISTANBUL, Jun 10, 2011 (TUR) -- A ceremony took place in north-western province of Istanbul Thursday for the transfer of Southeastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) headquarters from Turkey to Greece.
Revenues from southeastern Europe and Asia rose by 4.7%, chiefly due to increased sales and market share in Greece and the opening of new stores in Romania and Indonesia.
With this, HSIA and HDL-DH join forces to extend the reach of the association and help advance the high tech industry of Southeastern Europe to a dynamic and credible partner in the global market.
The highest growth rates in premium income were registered on the markets in eastern and southeastern Europe, Uniqa said.
LW/M, which produces and sells frozen and dehydrated potato products and frozen appetizers throughout Europe and beyond, has acquired a 74% stake in F&F, which focuses on supplying frozen potato and dough products to the catering sector, fast food restaurants and retail stores in Austria as well as some countries in Central and Southeastern Europe.

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