Soup Kitchen

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A facility that provides meals for homeless and other disenfranchised persons
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The coefficient on the ratio of nonpoor to poor persons in the county (RICHPOOR) is positive and statistically significant in the soup kitchen equation.
Steph said she and the rest of the volunteers recognise there is a need for soup kitchens in other Renfrewshire communities so they've started one in Foxbar and Ferguslie Park.
John's has been operating a soup kitchen for the 10 years he has been with the church.
Twist Soup Kitchens was set up in Galway 14 months ago but, due to demand, has expanded to five other locations - Athlone, Loughrea, Sligo, Roscommon and Tuam, and two more are in the pipeline.
Craffey--who said he didn't personally have a problem with the new location and actually lives right near the current one--said there were several concerns about the plan, including traffic and safety, but he said several residents simply didn't want their kids "intermingling" with soup kitchen clients on the way to school or while they were playing in the neighborhood.
The needs served by the soup kitchen and food pantry are too great to allow even a fire to interrupt their operations any more than absolutely necessary, he said.
Last Monday, the City Council tentatively said the soup kitchen, operated by a Christian charity called GOREAP, probably does not conform to the land use code; and the soup kitchen, based on previous uses of the building, is not grandfathered in.
He said the soup kitchen provided a vital role for society's overlooked but believed destitute people were not just a symptom of today's society.
But it's their deluxe sushi that is rapidly becoming the most sought-after dish in the soup kitchen.
A typical classroom response is: "We can either help out at the local soup kitchen, or we can collect money for Thanksgiving baskets.
Detectives are looking at a possible link with a soup kitchen for down-and-outs at the care home where Melanie worked.
It now distributes syringe sets, condoms, and public-health information from a van outside a local soup kitchen. Volunteers maintain the original walk route once a week, in addition to making house calls.