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Parameters that have been evaluated on this research were sound frequency from the knocking process, fruit water content and brix value (sweetness index) of the fruit.
Mechanical plunger function is to give an impact knocking to the fruit surface by a constant force, as for microphone used to convert the sound waves into a signal in a electrical voltage, and the computer here has been used as a super fast voltmeter that can be used to measure the sound frequency with using Frequency Analyzer software.
As for the barrier was placed to covered the fruit ring area to prevent an error that could be happen because the noise while measuring the sound frequency.
2 Juan Canary Melon Knocked Sound Frequency At Various Harvesting Age:
The acoustic ripeness tester that have been created was used in this research to measure sound frequency from the knocking process, melons was harvested at 5 different harvesting age ([55.
2 it seen that the sound frequency was decreased when the fruit was come to ripe.
Under all conditions of SPL and sound frequency, the side thermocouple show higher thermal activity which is due to movement of the bubbles that replace the stagnant particles with fresh particles more frequently than for other thermocouple positions.
The SPY PHONE is also said to enable the operator to detect any type of in-line pig without regard to whether the sound frequency is high or low.
In the brains of schizophrenia sufferers, electrical activity fails to synchronize with a specific sound frequency as it does in the brains of mentally healthy people, report psychiatrist Robert W.
With time, the sound frequency and tone becomes a preeminent part of your technique.
SoniClear/NP includes VoiceBoost(TM) digital signal processing to focus the sound frequency spectrum for optimal results when the recording is converted to RealAudio format.
In the earliest stages of malfunction, this characteristic sound changes, first in the ultra sound frequency range (approx.