Jean Pierre, French hematologist, 1915-1985. See: Bernard-Soulier disease, Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
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"Est-ce que ma robe va bien?" cried she, bounding forwards; "et mes souliers? et mes bas?
Ce sont des sommes d'argent qui sont a la hauteur de la lutte pour le soulier et le ballon d'or mais inadmissibles pour le simple citoyen dans toute partie de la planete.
Ont pris part a cette reunion Abderrazak Zitouni, directeur de l'OFC, Eric Soulier de CFI, et Didier Boujard de l'association "1000 Visages", en leur qualite d'organisateurs du concours.
Bernard Soulier Syndrome is an inherited platelet function disorder characterized by mucocutaneous bleeding, thrombocytopenia and giant platelaets with absence of platelet aggregation in response of Ristocetine.1 BSS with an autosomal-recessive inheritance was first described by Bernard and Soulier in 1948.2 The prevalence of BSS has been estimated around one in one million.
Son adversaire le plus redoutable est celui dont il est le plus proche: son coequipier en club Sadio Mane, avec qui il a partage le soulier d'or de meilleur buteur de Premier League (22 buts).
Among the most prolific rock painters is Elgin resident Nadine Soulier, who said she began her hobby in September 2017 after hearing about The Kindness Rocks Project from her daughter, who lives in Arlington Heights.
O leitor Mac afirma: "o belamente escrito e primorosamente fotografado artigo de Sylvia Soulier e puro deleite para cada amante de botas e sapatos de salto alto" (XV/XVI:90).
(42) The Advocate-General's Opinion in Soulier, delivered in 2016, (43) is clear--while efforts to re-commercialise and make unavailable works accessible are legitimate and noble objectives, the provisions of the InfoSoc Directive are clear: the rights of reproduction and communication under EU copyright law require prior express consent before they are exploited.
"Like any witness, he is being asked what he knew," lawyer Andre Soulier said, adding that the questioning "will not be followed by any obligation to appear in court, any opening of a judicial investigation or any indictment".