Jean Pierre, French hematologist, 1915-1985. See: Bernard-Soulier disease, Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
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Dunga l'explique par le fait que Ronaldo, malgre son Soulier d'Or europeen, a baisse son niveau de jeu sur ce debut de saison et que Messi a ete blesse deux mois.
Pour de nombreux commentateurs sportifs belges, l'international marocain, souvent diminue par les blessures, a de fortes chances cette annee de remporter le Soulier d'Or, la plus importante des recompenses attribuees a un footballeur en Belgique.
Angi Soulier wasn't a fan of vintage trailers before she bought one to rent out as a way to diversify her income.
Andre Soulier, president of the French league's legal commission, asked the French Football Federation on Tuesday to obtain a "clear and firm" position from FIFA.
France Erwann Pecheux GPI #58 (National #1) Benjamin Pollack GPI #72 (National #2) Fabrice Soulier GPI #147 (National #3) Sylvain Loosli GPI #169 (National #4) Wildcard: TBD 7.
We condemn this intimidation," said Camille Soulier, who heads RSF's Americas desk.
Frederic Soulier, managing director of Citroen Motors Ireland, said, 'Citroen is delighted to win two of the debut APMP awards - including the top LCV accolade.
We all agree that a woman at the head of a group of men is no bad thing," says Veronique Soulier, president of Clermont's supporters association She's right.
Zach Soulier, Steve Pike (8), Ryan Rouget (9) and Eric Schneider; Kevin O'Connor, Nick Fenuccio (7), Jake Byrne (8) and Tom Paine.
Soulier J, Grollet L, Oksenhendler E, Cacoub P, Cazals-Hatem D, Babinet P, d'Agay MF, Clauvel JP, Raphael M, Degos L, et al.
The final heads-up was against famed French poker pro, Fabrice Soulier, and lasted over 4 hours
French amateur Jean-Francois Soulier was doing just this during the early hours of June 13 this year when his very first image, taken remotely from Chile, showed the object to be stellar in appearance, around magnitude 13.