Arnold, British ophthalmologist, 1900-1980. See: Sorsby macular degeneration, Sorsby syndrome.
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Results from the first qualifier: K O'Prey 31 G Metcalf 26, T Brook 31 M Wood 26, R Whitwam 31 G Fellows 17, A Smith 10 J Brown 31, B Dyson 10 A Sorsby 31, N White 18 J Dyson 31, A Cairns W/O, P Kain 31 C Gant 20.
But what I do resent is that Miss Sorsby then tried to step in by telephoning me several times and by taking the attitude that she had to bargain with me over terms, particularly over the Paramount deal.
India's Raushan Kumar's goal in the 25th minute was not enough for India to win the match as Tom Sorsby and Jack Waller helped Great Britain in qualifying for the final of the tournament.
Six-piece metallers Lyberty make use of two lead vocalists, Henry "Hal Ghoul" McWhirter and Tyler "Master Shredder" Sorsby, McWhirter giving a low growl and distorted scream vocals and Sorsby using a more melodic technique.
Former boss Mark Sorsby yesterday agreed he was the "worst person to operate the camera because of his sexual interests".
The last major study in the UK to report on the prevalence of cycloplegic refractive error is the much-cited work of Sorsby et al, which was published over 50 years ago.
Meanwhile, as Charles faces financial ruin he is forced to go to wealthy preacher Jonas Sorsby, but when Annie discovers an ugly truth about the new investor, she decides to take matters into her own hands - only to find herself in a dangerous situation.
1) La justicia restaurativa debe constituir una experiencia "win-win" para todos sus actores, incluidos ofensores y la comunidad (Koss, 2014; Latimer, Dowden, & Muise, 2005; Miller, 2011; Miller & Hefner, 2015; Pranis, 2001; Roberts, 1995; Shapland, Robinson, & Sorsby, 2011; Strang, 2012; Sherman & Strang, 2007; Sherman, Strang, Mayo-Wilson, Woods, & Ariel, 2014; Umbreit, Vos, Coates, & Brown, 2003).
Adaptable co-founders Olly Sorsby <B(left) and Dan Cooper
While Sandy may have slowed home sales in some areas, there are signs that house hunters are returning, according to Larry Sorsby, chief financial officer of Red Bank, New Jersey-based Hovnanian Enterprises, the state's largest homebuilder.
Sorsby oversees utilization management and credentialing activities and participates in all quality improvement initiatives.
Las cifras que se manejan son impresionantes, pues Sorsby estima que el valor de las mercancias cargadas en los nueve viajes, incluidas las de contrabando, ascendio a 2.