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Sorbitol or sorbose and related compounds in ester combination with fatty acids and with short oligo (ethylene oxide) side chains and an oleate terminus to form detergents such as polysorbate 80.
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Formulation WI2030-051/1 0/W Lotion Ingredients % w/w Phase A Glyceryl stearate 2.50 (and) PEG-100 stearate Cetyl alcohol 2.50 Sorbitan tristearate 0.80 PEG-40 stearate 0.75 Dimethicone, 350 cs 2.00 Mineral oil 8.00 Propylparaben 0.10 Phase B Water 54.90 Glycerine 4.00 Methylparaben 0.15 Propylene glycol 4.00 Ti02 Aqueous Dispersion 15.00 (40% solids, 30% Ti02) Phase C Water 5.00 Germall 115 0.30 Procedure: Heat phases A and B to 80[degrees]C, with stirring until homogeneous.