Spitz, Sophie

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Sophie, U.S. pathologist, 1910-1956.
Spitz nevus - a benign, slightly pigmented or red superficial small skin tumor. Synonym(s): epithelioid cell nevus; spindle cell nevus
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In effect, ASTs have metastatic and associated mortality rates that are statistically lower than "conventional melanomas" (2); they could be properly considered as low-grade melanomas, as Sophie Spitz did in 1948.
Although this type of lesion had been recognised since the 19th Century, by various names, the definitive term Spitzoid refers to the 20th Century researcher Sophie Spitz; who published a seminal work on this type of lesion (Spitz 1948).
Sophie Spitz herself, who in 1948 began to describe melanoma in children by combining cases of Spitz nevus with melanomas.