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The branch of chemistry concerned with chemical changes caused by, or involving, sound, particularly ultrasound.
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Sonolysis treatment was performed in 3 groups: the control group, TUS group, and TUS + MB group (n = 20).
It shows that the nonequilibrium plasma generated during the sonolysis of water sparged with argon obeys the classical inequality [T.sub.e] > [T.sub.V].
Safety and dose-escalation study design of transcranial ultrasound in clinical Sonolysis for acute ischemic stroke: the TUCSON trial.
Brayman, "Comparative sensitivity of human and bovine erythrocytes to sonolysis by 1MHz ultrasound," Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, vol.
Numerous studies ranging from the sonolysis of different organic compounds [11] to degradation of polymers and various materials [12] have been performed to characterize the rate of different degradation processes in homogeneous and/or heterogeneous systems under ultrasonic irradiation.
A series of combination treatment processes that involved sonolysis and Fenton's reaction was conducted for treating cyan ink waste water, which has been found to be the toughest ink to treat.
ImaRx's unique SonoLysis technique combines the use of ultrasound and the company's proprietary microbubble clot agent to potentially dissolve vascular thromboses, or blood clots, in a relatively simple, non-invasive procedure.
These studies have suggested a wide variety of AOP for the destruction of phenols, such as the Fenton and photo-Fenton treatments [11-13], hydrogen peroxide photolysis [14], combination of ozone with ultraviolet (UV) radiation [14-17], and also combination of sonolysis and ozonolysis [18].
Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), which include such techniques as Fenton's reagent oxidations, ultraviolet (UV) photolysis and sonolysis, are capable of degrading organic contaminants at ambient temperature and pressure.
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