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The branch of chemistry concerned with chemical changes caused by, or involving, sound, particularly ultrasound.
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Demonstration and comparative evaluation (including cost effectiveness) of tertiary technologies using micro-strainer filter/UV radiation, ultrafiltration, and sonolysis of ozone; and
The kinetic experiments of pH-independent hydrolysis of 4-NPCA and sonolysis of 4-NP were carried out without sonication and under ultrasound to test the online system.
A study involving sonolysis, electro-oxidation and the use of hydrogen peroxide in various arrangements has been performed that successfully led to the development of the two-step treatment scheme.
Evan Unger, MD, FACR, president and CEO of ImaRx said, "This is an exciting milestone for us in developing SonoLysis for vascular thrombosis in patients.
Although based on a small number of patients, these findings further demonstrate the promise of our SonoLysis therapy for the treatment of ischemic stroke," said Bradford Zakes, President and Chief Executive Officer of ImaRx Therapeutics.
Zakes stated, "While these recent events are disappointing, we believe there is significant value in our urokinase business, SonoLysis program and other assets.
This decrease was principally a result of reduced headcount and third party service costs and other expenses related to our refined focus on development of our SonoLysis programs and the removal of expenses associated with the recombinant thrombolytic drug assets that the company elected to relinquish to Abbott Laboratories in December 2006, partially offset by increased clinical trial expenses.
Identified strategic funding to continue advancement of its core SonoLysis program upon closing of urokinase divestiture with Microbix Biosystems.
This research collaboration represents a significant step forward for ImaRx's SonoLysis program," said Bradford A.
Through this transaction, ImaRx will have gained access to operating capital under favorable economic terms that will enable the company to continue the advancement of our core SonoLysis technology.
2007 Year in Review: -- Initiated TUCSON Phase I/II clinical study -- Received FDA approval to market urokinase under new trade name Kinlytic(TM) -- Signed strategic licensing agreement with Bracco International -- Completed Initial Public Offering -- Awarded Phase I STTR grant from the National Institutes of Health -- Signed research collaboration with Royal Philips Electronics -- Extended expiration dating of urokinase product inventory Key Corporate Highlights: PhaseI/II TUCSON Clinical Trial and SonoLysis Program Update
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