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The branch of chemistry concerned with chemical changes caused by, or involving, sound, particularly ultrasound.
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Demonstration and comparative evaluation (including cost effectiveness) of tertiary technologies using micro-strainer filter/UV radiation, ultrafiltration, and sonolysis of ozone; and
Safety and dose-escalation study design of transcranial ultrasound in clinical Sonolysis for acute ischemic stroke: the TUCSON trial.
The kinetic experiments of pH-independent hydrolysis of 4-NPCA and sonolysis of 4-NP were carried out without sonication and under ultrasound to test the online system.
A study involving sonolysis, electro-oxidation and the use of hydrogen peroxide in various arrangements has been performed that successfully led to the development of the two-step treatment scheme.
Evan Unger, MD, FACR, president and CEO of ImaRx said, "This is an exciting milestone for us in developing SonoLysis for vascular thrombosis in patients.
Photocatalysis and sonolysis, the two process under investigation contribute towards the production of *OH as a dominant free radical which is mainly responsible for increasing the rates of reaction.
So other effective methodologies like; adsorption on inorganic or organic matrices, sonolysis, photo-catalysis, electrochemical, ozonation and cloud point extraction are employed for the removal of dyes from wastewaters [7].
Clinical results from the study also indicated that those study patients receiving SonoLysis treatment were two times more likely to have complete clearing of blocked arteries (recanalization) than those study patients receiving tPA alone.
AOPs such as Fenton and photo-Fenton catalytic reactions [6,7], H2O2/UV processes [8,9], photocatalysis and TiO2 mediated photocatalysis [10-12], sonolysis and sonophotocatalysis [13-16] have been studied under a broad range of experimental conditions in order to reduce the color and organic load of dye containing effluent waste waters.
While the results from the previously-terminated TUCSON SonoLysis clinical trial have not been made public, we expect the success of the Company will ride on those results as well.
This decrease was principally a result of reduced headcount and third party service costs and other expenses related to our refined focus on development of our SonoLysis programs and the removal of expenses associated with the recombinant thrombolytic drug assets that the company elected to relinquish to Abbott Laboratories in December 2006, partially offset by increased clinical trial expenses.
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