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The branch of chemistry concerned with chemical changes caused by, or involving, sound, particularly ultrasound.
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High temperatures promote the suppression of the sonochemistry effect, impairing the ultrasound streaming as a consequence of the great amount of bubbles.
On the other hand, the use of MW techniques or sonochemistry for organic synthesis seems to be a good replacement as shown by the growing number of research papers on the applications of MW organic synthesis with high yields, without solvents, low waste and very low energy requirements being published in recent years [145].
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The event will showcase the full spectrum of the field, including its inorganic and organic applications, relationship to the sister field of sonochemistry, as well as how it might be scaled up for industrial purposes.
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Subsequent chapters address such topics as the use of electrochemistry as a tool to investigate cavitation bubble dynamics, sonoelectrochemistry in environmental applications, using ultrasound in metallic coatings deposition, the influence of ultrasound on corrosion kinetics and its application to corrosion tests, and sonochemistry and sonoelectrochemistry in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.