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Carl, Danish bacteriologist, 1882-1948.
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Sonne, who obviously intends to get laid this evening, escorts her.
Before teaching at Stanford Law School, Sonne served as an associate professor of law at Ave Maria School of Law, as a labor and employment lawyer for McGuireWoods LLP, and as an appellate lawyer for Horvitz & Levy LLP.
They charged Sonne and Peterson after searching two cottage homes in rural Ontario.
Nu descendant un escalier sonne, mein pony, glaubst du wirklich, ich
Our town has one of the larger agriculture shows," Sonne notes.
Both Sonne and sun are derived from ancient Germanic predecessors such as sunna, sunno etc.
In contrast to Das Verschwinden des Schattens in der Sonne, which is set in Turkey, Die Schrift des Freundes is situated in contemporary Vienna.
Le Premier ministre de la Nouvelle-Galles du sud, Barry O'Farrell, a sonne l'alerte en prevision d'une nouvelle hausse des temperatures, deja tres elevees, et des vents annonces.
Price includes: Return flights to Munich, four nights' bed and breakfast accommodation at the three-star Hotel Sonne, Fugen, one suitcase per person, Innsbruck Christmas Markets visit, Innsbruck sightseeing tour, comfortable coach travel and the services of a Tour Manager.
Sonne joins as lecturer in law and director of the Religious Liberty Clinic within the Mills Legal Clinic.
The team in glorious technicolour (from a couple of seasons earlier) was: Mark Sonne, Ian Mills, Dave Brown, Martin Lovatt, Dave (second name not known), Mark Rimmer, Colin Brown and unknown.
After checking in at the impeccably refurbished Sonne Lifestyle Hotel we were whisked on to the slopes at Mellau, a stone's throw from our front door.