Sonic Hedgehog Gene

The vertebrate homologue of hedgehog, a Drosophilia—fruitfly—gene that ensures correct embryonic development. SHH products form a molecular gradient which determines which cells will emerge from the CNS during development. Toxins interfering with cholesterol metabolism in vertebrate embryos may cause cyclopia/holoprosencephaly. SHH is mutated in foetuses with holoprosencephaly type 3
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Mutations in the human Sonic Hedgehog gene cause holoprosencephaly.
The genetic change means the Sonic hedgehog gene, which also controls the development of many organs, flickers only briefly when the embryo is only 24 hours old and then goes out at the point when limbs develop.
DISCUSSION: EMBRYOGENESIS: Notochord is not necessary for nephrogenesis but is required for correct positioning of the metanephric kidney, while the axial sonic hedgehog gene signal is critical for kidney positioning along the mediolateral axis.
Among fish, functional enhancers occur in introns of the immunoglobulin gene of the channel catfish [24] and the sonic hedgehog gene in ze Brafish [25].