Sonic Hedgehog Gene

The vertebrate homologue of hedgehog, a Drosophilia—fruitfly—gene that ensures correct embryonic development. SHH products form a molecular gradient which determines which cells will emerge from the CNS during development. Toxins interfering with cholesterol metabolism in vertebrate embryos may cause cyclopia/holoprosencephaly. SHH is mutated in foetuses with holoprosencephaly type 3
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NASDAQ: CRIS), a therapeutic drug development company, today announced the publication of preclinical data in the journal Circulation, showing that topical Sonic Hedgehog gene therapy accelerated wound healing in an animal model of diabetes.
The scientists believe that HPE may arise from a combination of a faulty sonic hedgehog gene, present from conception, and varying times of exposure to environmental factors that further compromise the protein's signaling.
The Sonic Hedgehog Genes Johns Hopkins University's Roger Reeves, Ph.