R., 20th-century German ophthalmologist. See: Sondermann canal.
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On the other hand, the limited evidence following a time series perspective is more contradictory and does not draw a convergent picture (Tsionas, 2000; Sondermann, 2012).
Overall LP divergence is evident since 1992, initially in trade and market services, and in the 2000s even LP growth in manufacturing became lower than in the EU core (Sondermann, 2012).
A unique equivalent martingale measure by minimizing the quadratic utility of the losses is identified by Follmer and Sondermann. Then the minimal martingale measure and risk-minimizing hedging were further developed by several researchers [1, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17].
Ehrmann and Sondermann (2012) investigate the time profile of market reactions to macroeconomic news between the publications of different Inflation Reports of the Bank of England and compare it with the market reactions to the publication of the Inflation Reports.
"With this agreement, customers all over the world will now be able to rely on our common and innovative portfolio of services for constructing and modernising energy-efficient data centres," said Hans Sondermann, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Rittal.
MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ADVANCED CLINICAL PRACTICE (MANIPULATIVE THERAPY), BILDUNGSWERK PHYSIOAKADEMIE, WREMEN, GERMANY Christian Henneke, Steven Jager, Goran Radovanovic, Susanne Sondermann, Sebastian Terjung, Michael Tiemann, Andreas Wieler.
First, there has been a lack of convergence at aggregate level within the Eurozone, although selected service sectors and manufacturing branches indicate evidence of convergence (Sondermann 2012).
Moreover, the paper has traditionally tended to back the powers that be (see more in Klemola 1981, Pietila & Sondermann 1994, Holmberg 2004, Lounasmeri 2010).