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a record or display obtained by ultrasonic scanning.
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The image obtained by ultrasonography.
See also: echogram.
Synonym(s): sonogram
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(sŏn′ə-grăm′, sō′nə-)
An image, as of a fetus in utero or an internal body organ, produced by ultrasonography. Also called sonograph, ultrasonogram.
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Ultrasonogram. See Ultrasonography.
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The image obtained by ultrasonography.
See also: echogram
Synonym(s): sonogram.
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a graphic representation of a sound or sounds made by an animal.
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The picture formed by the pattern of echoes from an ultra sound.
Mentioned in: Endorectal Ultrasound
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The image obtained by ultrasonography.
See also: echogram
Synonym(s): sonogram.
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Patient discussion about sonogram

Q. Do doctors normally do ultrasounds to prove you have mis carried?? 2 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant, i started spottion so we went to the hospital where they toldl me i miscarried, but they did not do any alternative tests to prove it not even check my Hcg levels. Im wandering if i should get a second opinion to make sure.

A. Congratulations on the new pregnancy - that's wonderful news!

Q. what does it mean when an ultrasound shows an empty amniotic sac and no baby?

A. This exact thing happened with my friend who is now 22 weeks with her first baby. She had 2 additional sacs - both empty - and the doctor said that the pregnancy had probably started out as triplets but that only one of the embryos had actually established and continued to grow.

Her doctor said it is very common for a woman to have more than one egg fertilize but that in most cases the pregnancy continues as a singleton only. She told my friend that the empty sacs would just disappear through time (which they did) and that they posed no danger to her baby.

Q. what kind of uses the medicine do with computers related to ultra sound? how does the computer helps the doctors in the ultra sound? what do the compuers use for?

A. the computers help the doctors (in ultrasound cases) to interpret/convert the ultrasound waves into a specific imaging showed in the monitor. by that a doctor can find what is normal or not inside the patient's body.
for pregnancy purposes, it really helps patient in antenatal screening to find some abnormalities (if there's any) and to monitor the fetus' development along the 9-months pregnancy.

yesterday I wrote a short article about ultrasound update :

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