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said of diseases that are most prevalent during summer months.

summer bleeding
see parafilariamultipapillosa.
summer conjunctivitis
see equine seasonal conjunctivitis.
summer cypress
summer dermatitis, summer eczema
see sweet itch.
summer flower
summer grass
summer itch
see sweet itch.
summer mange
summer mastitis
a severe suppurative mastitis affecting dry cows and heifers at pasture; likely to cause the loss of the quarter and a severe clinical illness. Caused by Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Streptococcus dysgalactiae and anaerobic gram positive cocci. Teat end contamination by flies is believed important in transmission.s. slump chronic form of poisoning by festucaarundinacea manifested by severe weight loss and severe abdominal fat necrosis.
summer snuffles
is an acute rhinitis of cows characterized by sneezing, purulent nasal discharge, dyspnea. It occurs when pasture is in flower and is thought to be allergic. May be the initial stage of enzootic nasal granuloma.
summer sores
see sweet itch, swamp cancer.

Patient discussion about summer

Q. What are some things that I can do to deal with ADHD during the summer? I just found out at the end of last school (university) year that I have ADHD. I'm not taking classes now and am working on my parent’s farm for the summer. I am especially concerned with my social troubles, but do not have any access to social situations here (REALLY small town and all the people my age are gone for summer -- plus I've never really had any friends to start with). What are some things that I can do now to make next year better?

A. just being aware of who you are looking for help is a great first step.
What are some of the ways that you think you have social troubles?

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Sommer Kranverleih was founded in Bremen in 1959 and is still active regionally today in the greater Bremen region.
Cunniff spent 12 seasons with Sommer, going back to the team's days in Cleveland.
Sommer has a condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means the left side of her heart is underdeveloped.
Sommer and her associates studied 25 patients who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, 10 diagnosed with unipolar depression, and 25 healthy controls who were matched by age and sex with the fibromyalgia patients.
Prior to joining Advance, Sommer served as senior vice president for Premier Development & Affiliates.
Sommer specializes in precast manufacturing technology for this potential market, stressing a complete technical solution with low plant labor factor.
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Sommer said the infrastructure of the two companies would make product development faster and more consistent.
The eight-week course was slated to cost $55, and Sommer would have earned $160 for teaching it.
Sommer is on the right track when he speaks about their astonishing level of charity, their sexual discipline and loving family life, and their treatment of slaves--although in each case one would like more information, rooted in a broader reading of the literature.
Sommer, 33, has pleaded not guilty at San Diego Superior Court, in California, to killing US marine sergeant Todd Sommer for the pounds 125,000 insurance payout.
All the people--with or without chronic pain--had similar complements of three inflammation-causing cytokines, says Sommer.