adult stem cell

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multipotent adult progenitor cell

stem cells isolated from marrow of postnatal people.
Synonym(s): adult stem cell
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Adult Stem Cell

An undifferentiated cell, first identified in bone marrow, but found everywhere in the body after embryonic development, which divides to replenish dead, dying or damaged cells.
Adult stem cell features
(1) Self-renewal, while maintaining stem cell features.
(2) Multipotency (ability to differentiate into any cell in a particular tissue).
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adult stem cell

A precursor cell that can also give rise to identical precursor cells: daughters of a stem cell can develop into a terminally-differentiated cell type or they can remain a stem cell. Adult stem cells are found in many tissues, such as bone marrow, brain, retina, skin, intestines, liver, testis, and pancreas.
Synonym: somatic stem cell See: embryonic stem cell
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It seems that even after only a few cycles of cell division the newly produced neuronal somatic stem cells are practically indistinguishable from stem cells normally found in the tissue.
Drug candidate substances ('seeds') identified through Stelic's unique theory of somatic stem cell therapeutic concepts, which arose from a clinical setting and have been demonstrated in our laboratories, are covered by patents.
Stelic anticipates that business opportunities will expand dramatically in future as a result of both the Company's core strategy of patenting somatic stem cell therapeutic concepts derived from the application of research on the previously unknown dynamics of somatic stem cells, as well as the filing of numerous patent applications in a wide range of related fields.
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In a normal testis, the germline stem cells are surrounded by somatic stem cells at a ratio of about one germline stem cell for every two somatic stem cells.
The companies say their first project will focus on the development of sterile disposable processing sets of cryopreservation protocols to provide cryopreserved therapeutic doses of cell populations derived from Kourion's proprietary unrestricted somatic stem cells (USSC) isolated from placental/umbilical cord blood (PBC).
Tremendous research has been conducted on two types of stem cells: the pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and the somatic stem cells. The most commonly investigated PSCs include embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).
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Offerings include embryonic stem cells and somatic stem cells from various species, along with their genetically modified derivatives.
A distinction is made between three groups of stem cells: human embryonic stem cells, which can be derived from a pre-implantation embryo at the blastocyst stage (5 to 7 days); human embryonic germ cells, which can be isolated from the primordial germ cells of the foetus; and human somatic stem cells, which can be isolated from adult or foetal tissues or organs or from umbilical cord blood.
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