Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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It was the year Nazi Germany began the mass extermination of Jews in what they called the "final solution to the Jewish problem"
The theme of the conference was The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem. Historical research has uncovered that the decision to implement the Final Solution had already been reached, and that the discussion at Wannsee was only intended to coordinate ways of implementation.
That article addressed the issue of whether Jews had "polluted" modern literature, and concluded, "A solution to the Jewish problem that would aim at creation of a Jewish colony isolated from Europe would not result, for the literary life of the West, in deplorable consequences." (This article and the rest of de Man's collaborationist writings appear in a separate volume: Wartime Journalism, 1939-1943, also edited by Werner Hmnacher, Net Hertz and Thomas Keenan, and published by the University of Nebraska Press.)