Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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But it is interesting to note that Mann was the author of an essay, The Solution of the Jewish Question, in 1907, long before the rise of national socialism, which itself led to Mann's downfall and the expulsion as a liberal from Germany in 1933 when he went to Switzerland and finally America.
The discussions of singularity and of the event here, and of Celan on the poem as an event (Ereignis) are powerful and persuasive; so is the stress on the 'datedness' of poetry: Celan says that every poem is inscribed with its January 20, the date mentioned first at the beginning of Buchner's Lenz, the date (in 1942) of the settling of the Final Solution of the Jewish Question at the Wansee Conference.
Sunday marked the 60th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin, at which top officials of the German Reich, including Adolph Eichmann, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Justice, and others discussed the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question.

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