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During more than 30 years of practice, I have found that most dogs require cortisone/cortisol replacement along with a T4 medication such as Soloxine.
However, the major difference between the cases is that Past Experience was prescribed a drug licenced for animal use, Soloxine, albeit one which fell foul of the NGRC rules.
At a hearing that concluded on Wednesday [14 March 2007], Mr Mpho Lesolle MRCVS, principal of the Swinfen Veterinary Centre and track veterinary surgeon for Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, admitted to treating a greyhound - 'Past Experience' - for hypothyroidism, prescribing it with the prescription-only medicine Soloxine in February 2005 and advising its owner that he could race the dog.
He had firmly believed that in prescribing Soloxine to Past Experience, he was returning the dog's metabolism to its normal state, which in his opinion at the time did not break the NGRC's rules.
Q MY ten-year-old Boxer has been prescribed Soloxine tablets to help with hair loss on his flanks.
Tonight's BBC1 Watchdog programme found the animal drug Soloxine costs pounds 101.
Soloxine holds an estimated 41% share in the canine thyroid hormone replacement market, according to Market Dynamics.
3 million, Tapazole increing Soloxine and Tussigon were up approximately 21 percent to $2.
Sales of Veterinarian products, including Soloxine and Tussigon were relatively flat at $2.
Sales of Veterinary products, including Soloxine and Tussigon were up approximately 10 percent to $2.