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Fringe medicine Solidago californica A floral essence said to provide a sense of individuality
Herbal medicine (1) Solidago canadensis, Aaron’s rod, woundwort A flowering herb that contains essential oil, flavonoids, saponins, and tannins, which has been used to treat colds, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. Some herbalists believe it may also be useful for arthritis, backache, diarrhoea, and as an expectorant

(2) Solidago odora, Blue Mountain tea, sweet goldenrod A perennial herb that is carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic and used by Native American medicine men to treat dropsy—presumably renal failure—and applied topically for bruises
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0.452 Solidago canadensis With bison 9.142 [+ or -] 0.892 Without bison 4.827 [+ or -] 0.879 prob.
Isto pode explicar em parte a reduzida atividade dos extratos aquosos de Eugenia uniflora, Solidago chilensis e Casearia sylvestris comparados com a fracao acetato de etila de Heteropterys aphrodisiaca (rica em flavonoides) e rutina.
Don, Silphium perfoliatum L., Silphium terebinthinaceum Jacq., Solidago speciosa Nutt., and Triosteum perfoliatum L.
Five--Caltha palustris, Enophorum virginicum, Hypericum ellipticum, Solidago lancifolia, and Stellaria longifolia--are endangered.
(n.d.) Some notes on recognition of the members of the Solidago canadensis polyploid complex in central Pennsylvania.
(FIS values: Ellis, Gutierrezia = 0.301; Ellis, Solidago =0.313; Cimmaron, Gutierrezia =0.275 ; Seward, Gutierrezia =0.282 ; Marysville, Solidago =0.332).
The obtained results from the studies on meiotic behavior, meiotic index, and pollen viability from the 12 accessions of the following species: Aster squamatus, Pterocaulon polystachyum, and Solidago microglossa are presented in table 1.
Gustav Vilbaste admits that, although people have reported that arnica was growing in the local forest, they have meant different local plants from such genera as Leontodon, Hieracium, Crepis, Solidago (Vilbaste 1993:174).
A TAKE 20 drops of Solidago Complex in Goldengrass Tea three times a day for at least six weeks.