waste management

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waste man·age·ment

(wāst manăj-mĕnt)
Administration of activities that provide safe collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal of potentially hazardous waste products (i.e. needles, tissue specimens).
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Zuraida added that so far, only Negeri Sembilan is building its own incinerator and it is expected to be the first state to start a new solid waste disposal system in two years.
"I recommend that the city of Worcester execute the negotiated amended solid waste disposal agreement prior to the Dec.
Some of the topics covered as they relate to disasters include water, food, liquid waste/sewage, solid waste disposal, housing/mass care shelters, vector control, hazardous materials, medical waste, and responding to a radiological incident.
Bahadori sets out the essential requirements for designing the process and engineering the equipment and facilities pertaining to wastewater treatment units, solid waste disposal, and wastewater sewer systems of oils and gas refineries, chemical plants, oil terminals, petrochemical plants, unconventional oil and gas industries, and other facilities as required.
Companies Hinkel International GmbH, Alzey from Germany and ASA International Environmental Services GmbH Hinberg from Austria have applied for concession of the regional solid waste disposal landfill in the Polog region.
The administration says it is preparing legislation that also would restrict the use of certain plastics and aluminium containers, as well as increase littering fines and encourage recycling as it strives to reduce an environmental and solid waste disposal problem across the country.
Janine Ralph presented an overview of the Solid Waste Disposal Future Needs Study undertaken by Stantec on the county's behalf to identify long-term solid waste options once the Biggars Lane Landfill site reached its capacity in the next 10 years.
According to Chaz Miller, Director of State Programs at the National Solid Wastes Management Association, America's very first federal solid waste law, 1965's Solid Waste Disposal Act--itself an amendment to the original Clean Air Act--didn't even mention recycling.
The city s solid waste disposal personnel visited the Japanese technology equipment which is being utilized in Malabon City and were convinced that the same will greatly help in significantly solving the garbage disposal problem of the city which has been eating up bulk of its budget over the past two years.
Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdogan and executives of a company which won a tender on establishment of solid waste disposal and recycling facility in the province signed the agreement.
Charges related to the illegal solid waste disposal are pending.
The Ibis Zero Waste System continues to evolve as a viable means of reducing cost and minimizing solid waste disposal for producers of hygienic products such as baby/adult diapers, feminine hygiene products and bed pads.

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