solar energy

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so·lar en·er·gy

energy derived from sunlight.
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Also, three of the five solar-power facilities with a total capacity of 45 MW have been qualified for the second round of the Department of Energy's feed-in-tariff program.
The solar-power plant will outfit itself with polycrystalline silicon-based solar panels, which boast photovoltaic conversion ratio of 17%.
Solar-powered flashlights and radios, meanwhile, are ideal for use during a natural disaster, while solar cells could be developed into a convenient, portable energy source for users of cell phones and laptop computers.
The Solar-powered E-Kiosks have the greatest goodwill to reduce the pressure on the national grid.
"In line with the vision of our leadership, and with the support of our board, the Saudi energy market has become home to the first solar-powered gas station with the use of photoelectric panels," said Mamdouh Al-Rukhimi, managing director of NAFT, the company that owns the station.
Co and business partners Dennis Sia and Tammy Lin ventured into a different kind of trade that would infuse solar power energy into architecture, using solar-powered products from China, United States and Taiwan.
(A) Solar-powered flight would make air travel too expensive for the average person.
For more information about Ehdas Solar design services and solar-powered LED lighting products, please visit
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-27 January 2010-Sharp to sell solar-powered mobile phone in China(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Available in five models ranging from 10 to 80 watts in power, the EverGEN(TM)solar engine is a self- contained, solar-powered energy source that provides dependable, high-quality electricity for lights, sensors, cameras and more - anywhere there's access to the sun.
A highlight of the tour in Tacoma, Washington is a solar-powered home with 1,500 watts of energy from the sun.
In addition, 44 solar-powered community health clinics will be built during the project's second phase.